About HELP University e-Learning

The E-learning is a learning management system (LMS) designed to support the online learning & Course Management Activities. It was developed by using the MOODLE version 3.3 platform to support the social constructionist pedagogical practices in which the students and instructors collaborate to create the knowledge through online teaching and learning, collaboration and group work. It includes built-in, synchronous and asynchronous communication tools, blog, forum, chat, assignment, quiz, wiki, and other features. Different from the old version e-learning platform which can be accessed at http://elearning2.help.edu.my/, E-learning functionalities not only limited to creating and uploading online course, but also modified and utilized as the supplemental platform to suit the requirement of the user in fully synchronous and asynchronous online courses.

Our vision

  • Digital cultural, understanding, skills and literacies.
  • Personalized learning by providingsupport for a variety of learning styles and abilities.
  • Independence and self-regulated learning.
  • Extending learning beyond the class.

our mission

To advance e-learning for innovative teaching and student-centered learning with the purpose to enhance student learning outcomes, pedagogy as well as building the digital culture and the visibility of the University.